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Our Philosophy at Playschool

Playschool is a fun and educational program for children 3-5 years old, with the emphasis on play. Children attend without parents/carers, with supervision by Playschool Staff. Most of our enrolments are children attending in the year prior to Preschool. It is a great step towards Preschool and School, as children socialise and enjoy structured activities in a creative and supportive environment.


Our aim is to create and maintain a warm, co-operative atmosphere where staff, children and parents are engaged in developing the abilities and skills of the children, through a play based program.


The planned program supports the development and learning of all the children by means of participation, exploration and experimentation to build on their:


  • Self-confidence

  • Feelings of achievement and self worth

  • Positive interpersonal relationships

  • Independence

  • Acceptance of group rules

  • Development of fine and gross motor skills

  • Self-expression through speech, movement, music and art

  • Eagerness for new experiences

Format of a Playschool Session

Children are dropped off at Playschool by parents/carers, and are left under the supervision of the Playschool staff for the duration of the three or four hour session. Although parents/carers leave their children at the centre for the Playschool session, there are opportunities for parent/carer involvement as outlined below.


A weekly/fortnightly program is designed by the teacher that is specifically designed for the needs and interests of the children in the Playschool session. A copy of the program is posted on the noticeboard. Please feel free to discuss the program with the teacher at any time.

Sessions generally will incorporate the following:


  • Puzzle time

  • Craft

  • Painting activities

  • Fine motor skill development,

  • Use of manipulative/construction toys

  • Play dough (or similar) play

  • Gross motor activities

  • Sand and/or water play

  • Music and singing

  • Story time

  • Language and social development activities

  • Lunch period

  • Quiet time

Parent Involvement

Teachers share their planning with families via visual display, newsletters and meetings. Opportunities will be made available for staff and families to collaborate in presenting aspects of the program. Staff will make every effort to share decision-making, problem solving and organising with parents. Contributions to the program are always welcome, although the teacher may need to use her/his professional knowledge and consider any policies before the implementation of ideas.

Any way families can contribute to the life of the Playschool is welcomed. We value cultural diversity and encourage parents to share their knowledge. Ways in which you can help include:


  • Sharing your knowledge and expertise of craft, cooking, music, story telling etc.

  • Helping with the daily program

  • Participating in Playschool meetings

  • Joining the Tuggeranong Link Committee

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