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Our Mission Statement

Tuggeranong Link will sustain a vital network of community centres in which individuals and the community play an active part in development and management of their own communities.Tuggeranong Link will actively assist the associated community centres in supporting the community to provide activities and programs which increase the social, physical and emotional health of residents and strengthen the sense of community independence and interdependence.


Tuggeranong Link and the community centres are directly managed by the Tuggeranong Link management committee, consisting of volunteers and paid staff drawn from membership groups of Tuggeranong Link and the local community. Individuals and community play an active part in the development and management of their own neighbourhood centres and associated activities.


Tuggeranong Link operates a management relationship with five community centres in the Tuggeranong Valley: 

  • Bonython Neighbourhood Hub

  • Chisholm Community Centre

  • Gilmore Community House

  • Isabella Plains Neighbourhood House

  • Richardson Community House

These community centres were previously operated individually by various community groups. Tuggeranong Link took over direct management of the houses at Richardson, Gilmore (2005) and Conder (2006), and more recently the houses/centres at Isabella Plains, Chisholm, and Bonython. Management of Conder Community House was handed back in December 2014, while taking on Bonython Neighbourhood Hub mid 2014. 


Programs are supported by grants and donations, and some are run in cooperation with other locally based community organisations. All programs operate in an informal and relaxed environment, assisted by our support officers and volunteers. 

The centres themselves are unfunded, therefore rely on income from hiring, Playschool, and programs to pay operational costs. Tuggeranong Link has a Community Development Officer, funded by the ACT Department of Disability, Housing & Community Services, to assist in the identification of needs and the conduct of programs, and to support each house and centre. The Community Development Co-ordinator works towards a range of services for the Tuggeranong Link, the primary aim is to facilitate community access to member houses and provide low cost activities with an emphasis on inclusion for all people.

Tuggeranong Link undertakes a range of co-ordinated community development activities including provision of support, information and referral to local community groups and provides support and training to member community houses and centres. The activities provide an opportunity for people to develop social networks and life-long learning through recreational and vocational activities in a neighbourhood setting. This service receives funding from the Community Services Program (CSP) which is funded by the ACT Government.

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